Privacy Policy for

Every person will always have concerns about security and privacy of their personal details. Be assured that we are principled towards your personal details privacy.


  • It is the prerogative of SuperbAcademia to strictly keep all students information without exposing any information to any third parties for security reasons.


  • All records which are in our custody of any tutor or student shall not be released to third parties.


  • Our clients will make payments to SuperbAcademia through PayPal for smooth and easy flow of payments.


Basic Personal Data required

  1. All information which identifies an individual is necessary. There is a form which a client is requested to fill in the identification data from our website. An example of names, addresses, contacts information among others which are a requirement when registering.


  1. We use the collected data for billing purposes where verification of payments is a requirement. Take not that we are not in a position to inspect our clients billing data whatsoever.


  1. In our website there will be instances where a client will come into contact with third parties links. Such links are created by either us or our customers. You will not that these links will link you to webs whose services are related to essays or papers. Our kind advice is for our clients to understand the terms under which such links use your data before allowing them to use your personal data.
  2. Cookies are frequently used in websites. Kindly, go through our Cookie Policy to avoid any misunderstanding due to various technologies which will utilize any compiled data when you visit our site.


We strongly request our clients to provide us with correct data which will be easily guarded by the Law.


Basics for Collecting Personal Data

  • Smooth service delivery.
  • Communication between Clients and our support / technical crew.
  • To facilitate collaborative platform management, just to mentions activities like testing correcting, administering supervision among others.
  • This platform uses clients’ data to make adjustments and refinements for improved performance.
  • We are destined to fulfill our agreement between clients and this company. Clients’ personal data provides analytical information which revitalizes our purpose.


Instances for disclosure or sharing personal data

  1. Legal Proceedings: We may be required by the law to reveal personal distinguishable information in our custody if it is justified that such disclosure will protect our rights in the event of a court order or judicial proceeding having been served to our Website.
  2. Service Providers: There are third-party institutions and partners who provide services to our side in relation to marketing, payments processes, auditing, web analysis, management of data among many others. These service providers will be given access to a client data where the same data is considered protected and safe.
  3. Re-organization of Business: In the event that our company transfers or restructures the business operations, our clients’ information will be disclosed for the purposes of the new setup.


Client data Security

We use sophisticated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system to protect our customers’ personal data in our servers during the time we are in business with them.

From time to time, we scrutinize our archives to compile data which no longer meets the purposes to which it was collected. If such data compels us to delete or erase it, we do that even to all characteristics which may identify it within our servers.

Customers privileges

The right to personal data which we keep custody is open to our clients. For such access, there will be some security requirements to verify your identity.

To help the company administer our customers’ privileges satisfactorily in matters relating to personal data, we request that you contact us through the contacts from our Web.

This Policy updates

This Policy will be modified from time to time. You are therefore requested to be reviewing it regularly. We shall be posting all the changes made to this policy here. It is therefore important to note that our services to you which are within our agreement will be bound to any new changes.