Wilmington Ethical Challenges Faced by Organizations Operating Globally HW 1) Write a primary post on the topic in about 400 words: “Describe the ethical

Wilmington Ethical Challenges Faced by Organizations Operating Globally HW 1) Write a primary post on the topic in about 400 words:

“Describe the ethical challenges faced by organizations operating globally.”


References (this does not count toward the required paper length)

FINALLY, you must cite your sources after every sentence which contains information from one of your sources. Just putting a citation at the end of a paragraph or section is not sufficient.

Use proper APA style. This is Last Name of Author (Year).

2) Write a responses of 200 words for post attached on this topic separately.

Note: Your answer should be supported with research unless the question is opinion oriented.. Responses to discussions below should not be “I agree” or “I like the way you stated that.” These responses should again be insightful, offering an opinion or facts based on your research and experiences. The opinion to both responses should be a minimum of 200 words each . See APA criteria for citing resources. In the case of global businesses, organizations are faced with various ethical challenges that are
recognized. Such factors are
Employment practices
There are various challenges where employees are regularly facing in various countries. Apart from
that, different employees are having a different kind of work ethics. Therefore, lack of communication
with other countries the company can able to face critical issues to operate the business (Gaudine &
Beaton, 2016).
Human rights
There are various human rights in a global organization where they use to face the most. It is
including, independence of speech, independence of association, independence of assembly; such
factors are faced by global organization in recent days.
Environmental regulations
International companies have struggled while such ethical challenges arise where the climate is
totally different from other countries. In such way, it affects the organization’s production process as
well as employees. Therefore, it affects the international business in recent times as well as
employees couldn’t able to finish the target goals in the market.
It is the most terrible factor which is constantly reflecting in international business. However,
corruption is everywhere and it has spread in the market. Apart from that, it reflects and harms the
country’s economic establishment as well as tax policies also different in various countries. In fact,
due to such high tax, the price rate becomes high and it affects the business as well as it is also
influencing over jobs (Johnson, 2018).
Moral obligation
This is the other critical challenge where global companies are frequently faced as various countries’
employees have different work environments as well as employees, are not acquired in the company
such way it affects the internal businesses.
Gaudine, A. P., & Beaton, M. R. (2016). Employed to go against one’s values: nurse managers’
accounts of ethical conflict with their organizations. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research
Archive, 34(2).
Johnson, C. E. (2018). Building an Ethical Small Group (Chapter 9 of Meeting the Ethical Challenges
of Leadership).

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