SPEECH1010 City Colleges Music and Religion in Israel Outline I need help with my outline about Israel. It should be to inform the audience about the food,

SPEECH1010 City Colleges Music and Religion in Israel Outline I need help with my outline about Israel. It should be to inform the audience about the food, farming, Construction, music and religion Last name, First name
Speech 101, Section: XXX
Assignment Title: Tribute Speech
Speech #: (3)
Tribute Speech to Maya Angelou
General Purpose: To inform.
Specific purpose: To inform the audience the life of Maya Angelou.
Thesis Statement: Every time Maya Angelou is being honored or given a speech, I listen and
pay attention carefully.
Attention-getter Angelou is a very incredible Renaissance woman who hailed as one
of the greatest voices of contemporary literature
Thesis statement: Maya Angelo is a very phenomenal woman because of her educational and
professional accomplishments as well as contribution to the society despite the many
challenges in life she has grown through.
Preview of main points Maya Angelou is a phenomenal woman
A. MAIN POINT 1 Maya’s Educational Achievement
B. MAIN POINT 2 Maya’s Contribution to the society
Maya’s Professional Accomplishments
MAIN POINT 1 Maya managed to accomplish her educational goals.
A. Support Attended a mission and won a dance and drama scholarship.
B. Support
Maya worked as a teacher in the school dance and music in the
University of Ghana.
Transition: Despite her educational accomplishments, Maya used her gifts to provide love and
healing to the society.
MAIN POINT 2 She used the gifts she had to give back to the society.
A. Support
She influenced many women in the society
B. Support
Many people even without her know them were got empowered.
C. Support
She made many believe that everything is possible
Transition: Her gifts made her succeed in her career.
MAIN POINT 3 Maya has several professional achievements.
A. Support
She wrote her autobiography “Caged Bird” considered very
B. Support
In the book, she narrated her experiences and journey.
C. Support
The book is in the list of top 100 influential books in the history.
Transition; All her achievements and contribution have made her a prominent figure n the
twentieth century.
1. Restatement of the thesis: Maya Angelou is truly a phenomenal woman who inspired a
lot of people especially the women despite the many challenges during her childhood
and adulthood
2. Summarize your Main Points
A. Maya managed to achieve her educational goals despite the many challenges.
B. She contributed to the society using her words.
C. Her professional achievements made her a prominent figure currently.
3. Concluding remarks: Today the almighty God has released you from the cage of this
earth. Go and take a rest with the one who loves you most!

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