Qatar University Impact of ICT on the Global Tourism Industry Paper I have uploaded my idea in file named “Food taste application” It’s an idea that I’ve d

Qatar University Impact of ICT on the Global Tourism Industry Paper I have uploaded my idea in file named “Food taste application” It’s an idea that I’ve did for E-Tourism that should be based in Sultanate of Oman. Read the file to know the general idea. Based in what you have read you required to write:

Report Structure:




Food tourism


Smart idea (food application)

Problems and solutions


Process of the application

People reviews (just assumptions)

Future development plan

Case study (Istanbul food tour)


Appendix (If Required)

This link has same Idea it will help more to understand. But the difference is my idea about application.

*** Words count = 2400 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I have uploaded file named “Food taste application”. Introduction
E-Tourism and Food Tourism:
Nowadays technology has played an important role in the tourism and hospitality industry over
past 20’s, it helped to reduce cost, time, improve services and client. E-tourism “also known as
travel technology or “e-travel”, e-tourism refers to a phenomenon and research area in which the
adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) by tourists and businesses
transforms the processes and the value chains in the tourism industry. This development changes
the process within a business or organization while reconfiguring the landscape of commerce”.
“As a service industry, tourism is specifically influenced and transformed by the development of
ICT. Typically, its products are complex and intangible”. Food tourism or (culinary tourism)
playing an important role in any destination, people travelling to a destination to try and taste the
local traditional cuisines. Food is a key element of tourism. Food is a major attraction when people
travel. In addition, traditional food and cuisine could be an excellent tourist attraction in rural areas,
as well as suggesting that eating local cuisine could be an integral part of the travel experience as
food serves both entertainment and cultural activities. However, currently technology makes our
life easier than before local people and tourists can simply order their food online using food
applications. The aim of the assignment is to study the use of ICT by designing an application
especially for tourist in a destination. Furthermore, the author will explain the concept of using
food online application and how it will make much easier and comfort for the travelers.
How Technology advance food tourism and the concept of food application:
Technology has a big impact and a great significance in the hospitality industry, specifically in the
food and beverage section. In the past 20 years there were no development in the food industry,
people use to cook their own food or just go and buy food. However, in the beginning of 21st life
become much easier than before by the new generation of technology. The use of modern
technology like, smartphone people can directly communicate with the restaurant. Th concept of
online food ordering is the method of ordering food via the restaurant’s own website or mobile
app, or via the website or app of a multi-restaurant. A customer may choose to have the food
delivered or to pick it up. The process comprises of a customer choosing the restaurant of their
choice, scanning menu items, selecting an item and eventually choosing to pick it up or deliver it.
Payment methods are applied wither the consumer will pay by cash or credit card through the app
or website. Also, the website and the app notify the consumer of the quality of the food,
the length of the preparation of the food and when
for pickup or the time it takes to deliver it.
Technology bring up new generation of innovations, in the Middle East they come up with new
online food ordering app called is the largest online ordering food platform in the
GCC countries and Middle East, clients can order over 4000 restaurants easily and order their
choice of cuisines taste form A-Z dishes.
• Smart idea
Food Taste application:
Food Taste application is designed especially for tourist. This app is different from others app, we
are not just delivering the food but also tourists can see and enjoy the originality of local traditional
food and make them try to cook the food and taste it. Similarly, we will add tourist authenticity
where tourist can feel they are at home environment not to feel strangers and giving good image
of the country. Tourists can choose wither to deliver or to come to the location and cook Infront
of them. In addition, Food Taste app includes food prepared by restaurants and by independent
local people. This app will help the tourist to order their favorite food whenever they are. In brief,
Food Taste app has different types of cuisines from all over the world and local cuisines. Like,
Indian, Italian, Lebanon, Turkish, Arabic, American, Mexican, and Omani traditional food like
“Majboos, kahwa, Dates, Hares, Halwa, Shuwa, etc”. This app contains a huge menu with all the
delicious dishes with a small decrepitation of the food, prices are valuable and accessible for all
people. Also, a proper location all around Oman region with a specific address, tourist must register
and put their all information address like name, phone number, emergency phone number, email,
house number or apartment or hotel, etc. We need all important information to reach and contact
easily to the consumer. In addition, the payment methods are straightforward wither cash or credit
card the consumer can choose the easiest payment method to deliver. Furthermore, the consumer
can track their order from the processing in the kitchen till it reaches to them and enjoy their hot
food. On the other hand,

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