MSA506 Central Michigan Types of Employee Development Activities Research Paper Performance management is a continual process of identifying, measuring, an

MSA506 Central Michigan Types of Employee Development Activities Research Paper Performance management is a continual process of identifying, measuring, and developing individual and/or team performance, and aligning performance with organizational strategy. This assignment will deal with employee development.

Employee development can take many forms. In this research paper you will discuss and critique 3 types of Employee Development activities (excluding coaching) for a job function of your choosing. Some examples include mentoring, on-the-job training, 360 feedback reviews, job rotation and cross training, temporary assignments, involvement in professional or trade organizations, job enlargement and enrichment. Consult with your instructor if you have other development activity ideas. In addition to your textbook, utilize the CMU library to search recent articles that discuss the development activities you have selected and how they can benefit an employee and the organization.

Your paper needs to be APA style, using APA section headings, 5-6 pages double spaced (plus cover and reference page), with at least 2 unique references for each development activity, and a total of at least 6 references.

Attached is rubric and paper to build off of Running Head: JOB ANALYSIS INTERVIEW
Job Analysis Interview
Britnee Gaulden
Central Michigan University
MSA 506: Evaluation, Coaching, Mentoring
Dr. James Worsley
3 November 2019
Job Title: Software Developer
The business is looking to hire a skilled Software Developer who will assist in the
development of the current projects implemented in the facility. The primary duties will be
mainly writing code to build the software, analyzing the current implemented software as well as
amending software to fix the available bugs and errors, adapt the current programs to the new
hardware procured, expand the performance, and the upgrade of different user and administrator
interfaces to match the existing technologies in the market (Alexy et al., 2013). Additionally, the
developer will be involved in the software testing, validation procedures as well as training of the
employees and consumers and maintenance.
The organization is dedicated to providing seamless technology in data management
hence looking for a Software Developer to join the already growing development team. The
business implements a wide variety of data management solutions for both private organizations
and the government using open source software solutions, including numerous which are created
in-house to provide unique solutions to the diverse issues of the consumers in different
industries. This calls for an open-minded developer who is willing to take upon any challenge
head-on and provide the best solutions to the problems allocated.
Most of the tasks will be implemented using the Python and Node.js technologies to
foster the movement of more companies to web application development. The technologies are
critical in modern business and development because they allow for manipulation of data, data
wrangling, engineering, and data science. Knowledge of the SQL database technology is
essential to facilitate the diversification of tasks assigned to the developers. The organization
further has been established in the market of front-end development using the cascading style
sheet (CSS), HTML and JavaScript. For success in the organization, extensive knowledge of
scrum software development life-cycle and vast experience of programming languages are
Software Developer, Job Key Components:

Develop and maintain the existing organizational software related to every department
in the organization using emerging technologies including Python, C#, .NET, and SQL
and the application frameworks

Design, develop, and troubleshoot database logic depending on the consumer
requirements, including the use of the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012,
2014, or 2016, WAMP, and XAMP server.

Designing and developing software through the use of innovative technology and
approaches, including modern mathematical and scientific analysis, to forecast and
measure the design tools and approach consequences (Von Konsky et al., 2008).

Use the Google Applications Enterprise suite, including the Gmail for business, Docs,
Sheets, and Analytics, to communicate within the organization and with consumers.

Develop improvements for the contracted software development tasks to help the
programmer errors using C#, .NET, JavaScript, HTML CSS, Python, and SQL.

Develop and maintain new software ordered by customers as well as providing
solutions for the customer issues to better select their choice of software to be

Troubleshoot the software problems, debugging, and reanalysis of the projects to create
solutions based on the ever-changing environment and technologies.

Modify the existing programs for adaptation to modern and future technologies
including hardware, upgrade consumer and other users’ interfaces and advance the
software performance

Consult with consumers or other organizational departments on the possible
improvements to the software being developed, proposals, and any recommendations to
resolve conflicts in the resources.

Analyze the available data to plan on the best practices to implement the new systems as
well as the modification of the existing programs without affecting the business process
that helps in ensuring business continuity.

Directing system programming, testing, documentation development, and validation

Consulting with the engineering departments to assess the correct processes to implement
the software-hardware interfaces and develop the required performance and
specifications requirements (Downey, 2009).

Preparing the different regular reports required during the software development lifecycle
including the program status, specifications, and activities

Discussing with the respective project managers to acquire information on the capacities
and limitations of the different projects.

Update and Install the latest software for the company infrastructure.

User and employee training on new software and security measures in the current cyber
Required Knowledge

Computers and Electronics – the candidate should be knowledgeable in electronic
equipment for easy troubleshooting of the computers, chips, processors, and computer
software and hardware, including application development.

Engineering and Technology — the understanding of the practical application technology
and engineering concepts is essential to develop the best solutions for the consumers; this
includes the application of basic procedures, techniques, and equipment during the design
and development phases of the software (Von Konsky et al., 2008).

Telecommunications — this is an added advantage where the control, transmission,
switching, and broadcasting will be necessary for the development of
telecommunications software.

Design — the technique is critical especially the tools, principles, and knowledge of how
to ensure precision in modeling and creating technical plans for development.
Work activities involved
The software developer will be required to establish themselves in the following work
activities at all times:

Interacting with Computers — the developer will be needed to handle tasks involving
computers most of the time including hardware and software systems (Von Konsky et
al., 2008). Mostly, the software developer will be writing, analyzing, and debugging
code, entering data and finding new approaches to a different consumer issue.

Solving problems and Making Decisions — the analysis of the issues affecting the
organization as well as developing innovative solutions that address them.

Thinking Creatively — the design, development, and enhancement of software,
relationships, and ideas.

Obtaining Information — data collection is essential in all the departments in the
organization as well from the consumers for the external software; this necessitates
listening and observation skills as well as knowledge on research (Downey, 2009).

Complex Problem Solving — most of the tasks will involve a level of complexity;
hence, creativity in approaching the different solutions is critical.
Software Developer Professional Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related degree.

Deep understanding of the software development life-cycle.

The yearning to work in a fast-paced environment.

Must be a full-stack developer and comprehend the different concepts of software
engineering genuinely.

Three to five years’ experience working on a variety of software development projects.

Google Applications Enterprise,

C#, Python, HTML, CSS, .NET, SQL, WPF, XML

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2012, 2014, or 2016

Documentation creation

Microsoft Office.
Brief Job Description
The organization is looking for a software developer who will be responsible for
different tasks in the organization to enhance the consumers and the various stakeholder
experiences. Most of the time, the developer will focus on finding solutions for the software
development tasks assigned through writing code and data collection (Alexy et al., 2013). The
employee will develop and maintain the existing organizational software related to every
department in the organization using emerging technologies, including Python, C#, .NET, and
SQL and the application frameworks. The organization is also dedicated to developing
solutions for other organizations hence the need to understand more emerging technologies,
including HTML and CSS, as well as innovations in mobile technology.
The software developer is also expected to help employees in setting up the company
computing infrastructure, consult with consumers about their products and analyze the
different projects for bugs and errors; this requires them to have deductive skills, problemsolving and innovative approach to problems to ensure that the best systems are put in place. A
bachelor’s degree or any other related field is the minimum requirement for the job offer with
software development projects as proof of past work.
Alexy, O., Henkel, J., & Wallin, M. W. (2013). From closed to open: Job role changes,
individual predispositions, and the adoption of commercial open source software
development. Research Policy, 42(8), 1325-1340.
Downey, J. (2009). Designing job descriptions for software development. In Information
Systems Development (pp. 447-460). Springer, Boston, MA.
Von Konsky, B. R., Hay, D., Hart, B., Aitken, A., & Rosbotham, S. (2008). Skill set
visualisation for software engineering job positions at varying levels of autonomy and
responsibility. In 19th Australian Software Engineering Conference: ASWEC 2008;
Experience Report Proceedings (p. 198). Engineers Australia.
Strategic Performance Management Plan
Britnee Gaulden
Central Michigan University
MSA 506: Evaluation, Coaching, Mentoring
Dr. James Worsley
9 November 2019
Strategic Performance Management Plan
The strategic performance management plan is a detailed approach designed to help
businesses and organizations achieve their goals within the desired time. Such a program is
created by the company and is issued to the employees who then take part in the execution of the
plan. For a business to grow, the employer and employee should work hand in hand by
supporting the plan to achieve all of the company’s goals.
This strategic management plan is for Mojo Techs, a software development company,
and the plan is about the growth of software developers (“Custom Software Development &
Design Company | MojoTech”, 2019). The Mojo tech company, a software developing company,
began as an engineering company. This engineering company was only known for consultations
up until the mobile technology was advanced. This meant that companies had to come up with
different ideas on how to upgrade their software.
The competition at that time was not very high. For this reason, Mojo Tech Company
decided to move from a consultancy engineering company into a software developing company
since that is where the business was in high demand. Right now, the Mojo tech company is one
of the top software developing companies, with a team of the best software developers. They
help to solve severe problems faced in businesses into positive solutions that would help in the
growth of any market. The Mission and Vision for the Mojo Company are to dedicate themselves
to developing platforms and products which provide a new kind of imagination to people,
provide further information and ideas (“Custom Software Development & Design Company |
MojoTech”, 2019).
Currently, the Mojo Tech Company is going through a series of strategies that are meant
to help in software development models for the life cycle of a software application system or
program (“Custom Software Development & Design Company | MojoTech”, 2019). For this
strategy management plan, the software developer is in charge of ensuring that there is a program
in which this plan is supposed to be carried on. This brings us to the work of a software
developer. Therefore, this section will get to cover more on a software developer, the duties,
roles, and responsibilities that a software developer is tasked with within a company like the
Mojo Tech Company.
Duties of a Software Developer

He or she is in charge of the full development of software. This means that he or she is in
charge of writing codes to build the software (Downey, 2009).

The software developer is also in charge of analyzing the already implemented software.

He or she is in charge of amending software. By this, he or she helps to fix the bugs and
errors which exist in the already current programs but much different hardware.

The software developer is in charge of upgrading different user administrators, which are
intended to match with any new trends and technologies within the globe (Downey,

Finally, these software developers are in charge of testing their software as well as
training employees and other consumers on the maintenance of the developed software.
A software developer should be familiar with the following key areas (Downey, 2009);
Engineering and technology –This is the understanding of technology to provide consumers
with solutions for their software. It is also essential to know about engineering and technology
since it helps the simple techniques required for the designing and development of the software.
Telecommunications – This skill is an advantage for every software developer. It ensures that
the controlling, transmission, switching, and broadcasting is necessary for the development of
the software.
Design – This is an added advantage for any software developer, as well. It ensures that the
developer creates the exact model and technical plans for developing the software plan.
Computers and Electronics – This is an essential skill for every software developer. He or she
should have the primary and extra knowledge of using the computer. They should also be aware
of both the hardware and software part of the computer and their application process.
The software developer should always engage themselves in the following activities
(Alexy, Henkel & Wallin, 2013);
Frequently interact with computers – Most of the time, developers are required to handle
matters related to the computer. Both hardware and software tasks.
Be a creative thinker – For a developer to be perfect, he or she has to ensure that they are
continually practicing software designs, developments and enhance ideas to be used in the
development of the software.
Problem-solving and decision making – A software developer should be able to analyze
problems within the organisations and provide innovative solutions to these problems.
Obtaining Information – Every software developer must be aware of the feedback from the
consumers. By collecting information from their consumers, they can know what to change from
the existing software. To get feedback, one has to conduct thorough research and engage with
different consumers on the same.
Complex problem-solving – A software developer should be creative enough to come up with
sophisticated solutions that could critically affect the company.
Job Description
A software developer at Mojo Tech is required to conduct different tasks within the
organization. This is important since it helps to guarantee the satisfaction of the consumers and
stakeholders. Software developers mostly help to find solutions for the various software
development tasks that have been assigned to them. They are responsible for collecting data and
writing codes that are to be used in the development of other software (Alexy, Henkel & Wallin,
Software developers also have the responsibility to maintain the existing software and
also to create new software for their software development. Some of these technologies used to
develop these software includes; Python, C#, SQL, and NET. Since the Mojo Tech Company is
dedicated to creating solutions to other companies, it is, therefore, the work of the software
developer to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge in mobile technology, HTML, and
The innovative approach to problems, deductive skills, and problem-solving skills are
essential for software developers. This is because they enable him or her to engage with
consumers and talk about their products. He or she also helps to analyze different products for
the consumer so that they can be aware of any bugs and errors. Finally, the software developer
should ensure that he or she helps their fellow employees to set up the company’s electronics and
The strategic management process.
The strategic management is a philosophical business approach rather than just a set of
rules which a developer, in this case, should follow. There are five stages/attributes to a quality
strategic management process that would help each individual to understand the strategic
management process fully. These five stages help in setting the goal, analysis, strategy
formation, and strategy monitoring, and, finally, strategy implementations (Clayton, 2019). The
five stages/attributes include;
Clarify your vision – The main reason for setting goals in business is to help in bringing to light
the idea for the company. The goals set ought to be detailed, realistic, and should be in line with
the company values set for the vision. This first stage comprises of three different steps. First is
the definition of both short and long term objectives, second is to identify the process of
determining the purpose and the final step is to customize the entire process for your staff where
they can get to succeed with each task given to them.
Gather and analyze information – Analysing information is an essential part of these five
stages. It is necessary to gather any information that may help in the application of the vision of
the company. The main focus for this is to understand the need of the company, the direction for
the company, and the initiative that will enable the business to grow. The other thing to consider
during this stage is to create a SWOT analysis that will help to identify every strength,
weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that the business may have (Clayton, 2019).
Formulate a strategy – This stage requires the formation of a plan. While forming a strategy,
the critical thing to consider is to review the information gathered in the second stage of
analyzing. It is important to prioritize all issues facing the company. This is because the company
can easily fall in case of a minor error made within the company, which is why the company
should be extra careful while strategizing these management plans and even seek external
sources while looking for an alternative approach for each strategic plan.
Implement a strategy – The success of a business is dependent on the success of the strategic
plan. This stage is also referred to as the action plan stage. Whereby, the execution of the
decisions and strategies is made. During this stage, if the previous strategy does not work well, a
new strategy is developed and installed. Employees get to learn about their responsibilities,
which are aligned to the goal-setting; this should occur during this stage as well. Any more
funding for the software development strategy should happen at this point. Once the project is
fully funded, then the strategy can be quickly executed (Clayton, 2019).
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