How To Consistently Come Up With A Well Written Essay

There is a popular understanding that doing something frequently makes a person to become better at it. Even as this could have some truth in it, this does not complete the ‘progress bar’. Feedback is a vital component which will never be omitted while one is focusing on skill improvement. With this fundamental understanding, it will be a good idea to engage a proofreader and an editor in the beginning of a writer career.

In most situations, the luxury of employing such a editors and proofreaders which enables a person’s work to be criticized is never possible. Individuals are forced to invent their own ways of criticizing their masterpieces leave alone other people’s writings.

It is good to note and understand that, every author have some personal set of favorite faults. The following article focuses on some of the most common issues that a majority of editors would pay attention to. Read them and enhance your writing skills.

Maintain Consistency

The core idea in every paper is more significant compared to the paper grammatical errors. Therefore it is important to read through your whole write-up without being distracted by minor issues. As you read highlight all small mistakes and address them later.

At times as you read your paper, you may lose focus at some point, in such a situation, try to locate the phrase which caused the break and re-read it once more with an intention to find out if it has any disconnection with the prior article. Try to reflect on ways to link all the article ideas in the whole essay so as to remove the ideals which may not have any connection with the original topic.


Academic paper writing is an area where writers express their story by point format or chronologically. Don’t be focused on flashbacks or additional examples of ‘time travel’. Such tools are left for those writers who engage in writing fictions and creative writing. If your write-up will have a good flow starting with an introduction while other paragraphs follow, and composing a conclusion to wide up, this way you will have done your best to comprehensively do and academic topic. This is because this form of writing style seems not to be changing in the near future.


Improve your stylistic and language consistency to save your mind form stumbling over. Always maintain the person or tense you have started with so that you don’t get distracted or lose tract from the start to the end of your paper. If you want to excel in academic writing, the chosen formatting style will have to be maintained as this will enhance a person’s skill.

Breaking up paragraphs and long sentences

Excessive and long sentences are the most common problems associated with academic writing. Make it a practice to uphold short meaningful phrases and sentences. While doing this, remember to take care of the initial sense of the sentences or phrases. If it happens that there is a loss of sense in the broken sentence or phrase, then it may have been that there was lack of idea from the very initial stages of the contraction.

There are circumstances where a writer may read the text loud to get comprehension. By this act, a writer will be in better position to know at what point to separate text. Remember short phrases mixed with longer ones keep entertaining and the readers do not get bored easily through your text.

Naturally, almost all people tend to find out first when something will get to an end even if it will be enjoyable to read. This applies to any written article including the one you will write.

Avoid a single paragraph from dominating an entire page. Let your reader have a sense that the end is not far. There are sources of guidelines which reveal that, ideal lengths of paragraphs should be three to eight lines for better reader-able text. Follow those rules.

Remove or replace filter words

A writer may have written a good document but in excess of words like “really”, “too” or very. These words need to be removed or be substituted while you retain the same intended mean of your sentence. To search for them within your document, use the Ctrl+F short cut. As you consider their exchange, Microsoft Word package provides alternative words from its Thesaurus provision.

Academic writers make use of transitional phrases to connect numerous concepts. It is advisable and good practice to retain the true logic as you make your choice of phrases. Avoid words like “therefore” and “hence” where they are not necessarily required.

Preserve notes for personal writing

There are instances in the course of your writing that one becomes inspired and you will find yourself typing with speed. Do not let certain lively phrase hold you back from the writing flow. Continue writing until the flow is completed in you and later you will re-read, edit and proofread restructuring the notes-to-self.

Take note of all the sources as you continue using them. There is a collective experience among students who have ever lived which demonstrates that one will never find original one on one talk, a manuscript or a journal article that must have influence your opinion after you have finished your paper. Therefore, be taking note to such sources for they will be a proof when proofreading your document.

Remove repetitions

It has been a common mistake for writers to overly use words with similar meaning throughout the writing process. To avoid this, apportion substantial time to edit your write-up. Go through the document several times. In the event that you lose comprehension, have a break and get back after some time. As you read through, let your attention focus on the flow and logic of the applied ideas to certify their application.

Repetitions may still occur when similar structures are often used which can turn out to be a frustrating experience to a reader. To grasp these occurrences read loud while recording and later replay. Listening will assist your understanding as you reconstruct the common texts.

Restrict yourself to the initial content

When writing academic papers do not use emotional or jargon contents. Stick to important judgments; avoid emotional words and phrases containing negative or positive meanings. A comprehensive essay without exclamation marks will have a better flow of context. Research papers have official language, stick to the guidelines.

The rule “show, don’t tell” may be applied in writing a fiction as well as in academic essays. In academic writing one has to apply this with the assistance of specificity. In your essay choose to use numbers in place of unclear quantifying expressions like “great loss”, “many”, “drastic changes” or “little”. In academic writing “I” is should be replaced with “we”. Always let your attitude come out clear by providing sufficient arguments to demonstrate your opinion.


Gather all the materials required for your content and read them carefully. This could be papers from your college mates, literature which is devoted to writing from renowned authors.

Remember writing and editing are two separate sets of skills. With editing, the editor tries to get into the readers position who is not aware of the original intentions of the author. In reality writing expresses the writers mind. Don’t get stressed trying to imagine what your audience will think about your text.

Once you have concluded your writing, leave it for some time. You will notice that you will edit your own piece as though you are a neutral reader.

Do not overdo your writing

While editing it is advisable to forget about the perfectionism rule. In as much as you may be having a continuous longing to achieve perfection, it will be difficult to do everything. Do not do excessive editing, cutting out words and exchanging with new ones. Instead use the Grammarly tool and edit whit the suggestions thereof. Just be contented with all you have done and be confident that the outcome will be fine whether it be a new post to your blog, a client paper or an article.

Editing you own work is fine, but if some other person reads a proof read your work, there will be much more adjustment that when you will have known by yourself. Also note that if English is not your mother language, research on some use of prepositions and after some few days if there is not deadline at hand, you will have achieved a lot in your article.



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