How to connect people with writing

We all learn the basics of writing in the early days of primary education. Unlike inborn talent, writing is a piece of knowledge or ability that requires teaching. Knowing how to spell and read is not enough since writing must be involved, although having the correct spelling and correct pronunciation of words guides one in writing correctly.

Therefore, there are those things that play a big role in today’s learning process. It is a task that needs patience.

People understand each other from a different perspective through reading and writing. Today’s learning institutions are focusing on developing student’s skills. To achieve the expert level in writing one has to make writing a habit and be able to express themselves in written words.

Understanding your reasoning

Learning to combine your thoughts is the easiest way to communicate. Writing is differently spoken in the most learning institution. High levels students engage themselves in congresses and debates competition where they research and engage their different views expressing themselves freely in the contest. They deliver the message to others according to what they have understood. The best format to apply in writing is to exclude the meaningless statements and to keep it short and simple.

This technique helps students to have sharp brains while they build their courage to express themselves freely. Even though the pronunciation of words differs from written words, it is the easiest way to encounter other people to gain more knowledge.

Your learning responsiveness

Another thing that a person needs to connect with others is understanding what other people feel. In the early years, people watched fairy tales and Adventure stories. The protagonist had to attract the viewers by playing their role perfectly, which developed one feeling of emotions towards them. From the early years, people become familiar with fairy tales and adventure stories. A person feels a connection with the protagonist and sympathizes with them. There were the character traits needed to qualify for that position. An example is the Harry Potter series, an inspiration book of what is happening in today’s life.

Being able to read feels one with emotions and as one goes deeper and tends to be imaginative while the situation seems real, thus enjoying the book. This becomes easy to explain what is happening in the book, and no narrator is needed.

How to generate common interest in writing

Majority of people aged 30 and above were the fan of following the Harry Potter series and even knew the jokes about it and even the lesson learned in the series. The series addicted a huge number of fans of, and most of them were youths of that generation who are now raging 30 years and above. People who knew how to write and combine their thought had an advantage in society and were very iconic.

Reading and writing connect people from different communities to share their great experiences and to learn new things at large. Like in Harry Potter, if a reader tends to read the article themselves, the reader might like or dislike some characters. However, in other situations, the best way to connect with others and gain more knowledge is through group discussion.

Linking the past and the future

Technology has led to the improvement of several things. The advancements made are just adjustments made from the past generations. This invention leads to an increase in one’s knowledge. The only difference in these discoveries in today’s advanced technologies is that in the past these were only in a written form lacking facilities to do the advancements.

The history written in the old days can help a learner gain more knowledge in today’s world. The knowledge we apply today is due to the information left behind by the geniuses who lived before us.

Due to that advancement. Learning has been made possible even practically. People get to interact with one another to learn more. In addition to that, watching films has also become part of learning, and people tend to enjoy more than memorizing written articles.

Connecting by using logic

The technique of reading and spelling words correctly that were written in a person’s mind is mostly used in learning institutions where most students apply this format in competitions like debates and Congress. Reading and understanding and being able to express yourself orally is the best and easiest way to learn writing. The majority of intelligent students assess their level of understanding by persuading several tests to write down the facts, thus making it easy for them to tackle numerous essays assigned to them.

During tackling an essay or any assignment, an individual has to be creative and with detailed information supporting their evidence to express themselves clearly in a given topic. As it said that practice makes perfect, the statement should be applied in writing practically.

Students who access themselves from different angles in writing make writing a habit while they excel in writing. This also helps them in engaging with people from different backgrounds and also people from different levels of education through communication. Students gain knowledge when they communicate with learners from different backgrounds.

Outdated communication

Our life today involves using the software in communicating. For instance, using text messages to pass information is a process that has been advancing from time to time, nowadays people use emoji symbols to text each other, and the message is understandable.

In the past, when passing information to either a friend or spouse, one had to write down all the information needed and ensure the dates of past events that have taken place are present in the letter.

If the letter was to be sent to a spouse or a close friend, one was required to include their deepest thoughts and emotions as well and to ensure no information was left out. A messenger was used to deliver the information and locate the exact destination where the information should be delivered. This took them a day or two to pass information, unlike today’s world information is passed within seconds no matter the distance.

Knowing how to write is a great achievement in today’s life, one gains the courage to engage with people from different backgrounds. It sharpens one’s brain and develops one’s ability to be a creative thinker.


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