Georgia Institute The Political Economy of the Mass Media Case Study Paper In Manufacturing Consent (2002) Edward Herman & Noam Chomsky (H&C) give us the P

Georgia Institute The Political Economy of the Mass Media Case Study Paper In Manufacturing Consent (2002) Edward Herman & Noam Chomsky (H&C) give us the Propaganda Model, whose thesis is that “…the Media serve, and propagandize on behalf of, the powerful societal interests that control and finance them.” This paper will test this thesis using the paired case study method.…

The cases that you will be comparing are the Hong Kong Protests and the Gaza Protests of 2018 You have been provided with two databases of articles, one for Hong Kong and one for Gaza. You are not required to read every article, as there are well over 200 articles. Instead, you will perform both a quantitative and qualitative analyses of the articles in the databases.……

For the quantitative analysis, you will utilize the variables H&C have identified (number of articles, number of front pages, column length etc.). You will need to create a table similar to the one in Manufactured Consent which illustrates the differences between the two events.

For the qualitative analysis, you will compare the key words utilized in both the headlines and body of the articles. For key words and headlines, the database has already pulled keywords for you and displays the titles of all articles. Utilizing Ctrl-F you can quickly find how many times certain words and phrases appear.

For analyzing the body of articles, select 3 articles per event (therefore 6 total) and compare and contrast the robustness and accuracy of the details provided about the events. You will need to identify the lens and filters applied to these stories, and comment on the elite interests that may be at play.

Your papers should follow this basic outline:

1. Introduction and summary of H&C’s Thesis

2. Summary of the paired case study methodology

3. Introduction of the two cases (this will require looking into the reasons the protests


4. Findings: do the data support or not support H&C’s propaganda model?

5. Explain how you conducted the quantitative analysis and display chart. Explain your findings and you may provide your opinion as to why you believe there are differences.

6. Explain your qualitative analysis and provide your opinion on the lens and filters that you believe were applied

7. Conclusion

Please review the rubric to ensure you are meeting all requirements and not losing unnecessary points. Papers will be 7-10 pages in length and must be in 12-point font and double spaced In-text citations and a bibliography are required. Title pages and abstracts are not required. Please place your name in the header and number each page. Due December 2

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