ENGL1302 Brookhaven College Sexual Harassment in Fox News Company Paper Purpose: To persuade the audience of the following: 1. a problem exists, 2. there i

ENGL1302 Brookhaven College Sexual Harassment in Fox News Company Paper Purpose: To persuade the audience of the following: 1. a problem exists, 2. there is a way to solve the problem or improve the situation, and 3. the proposed solution is beneficial.

Audience: The organization, foundation, or individual who has the authority to grant what you propose.

Expected Overview of the Proposal:

1) Problem or Issue: Provide an overview of the problem or issue, including short quotations or paraphrases from at least three credible, relevant sources, each documented with MLA formatted in text citations. Remember to use language designed to convince your audience about the problem. Take into account assumptions about the problem and exiting solutions.

2) Solution: Provide a realistic solution that will alleviate or improve the situations within context. This solution should be the main position of the essay and should explore the complexities of the issues.

3) Benefits of the Solution: Provide compelling reasons why readers must act on your solution. Explain the limits of exiting solutions, explain the positions implications of your solution, and consider others’perspectives.

4) Conclusions: Reiterate the main elements of the solution and remind readers why this solution will help with the problem. Convince readers that this action is necessary, and conclude with a specific call to action.

5) MLA Works Cited Page: On the final page, list the MLA citations from the TREE to FIVE reliable sources used in the paper.


+ MLA formatting for in text citations and Works Cited page

+ Works Cited page listing the three to five reliable sources that are cited within the essay.

+Three to five pages pages of text

+ Appealing Visual Design

– Uniform subheadings of Problem, solution, and Benefits.

-TWO Visual Elements, such as data/graph and/or image related to proposal.

-Minimum 25 word interpretation of each visual element that explains the relevance of the image.

Evaluation will be based on the following:

+ Explanation of Issues: The Issue/Problem to be considered critically is stated, described, and clarified so that understanding is not seriously impeded by omissions.

+ Evidence: Information is taken from source(s) with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a coherent analysis or synthesis. Viewpoints of experts are subject to questioning.

+ Student’s Position: Specific position ( perspective, thesis/hypothesis) takes into account the complexities of an issue. Other’s points of view are acknowledged within position (perspective, thesis/hypothesis).

+ Content Development: The proposal uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to explore ideas within the contest of the discipline and shape of the whole work.

+ Sources and Evidence: The writer demonstrates consistent use of credible, relevant sources to support ideas that are situated within the discipline and genre of the writing.

+ Control of Syntax and Mechanics: The language is straightforward language that generally conveys meaning to readers. The language in the proposal has few errors.

Resources: The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Writing

Pathos: passtion, emotion

ethos: ethics morals

logos: logic reason

Topic: You choose some easy with you.

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