Money Refund Authorization

The company will not process refunds under the following circumstances:

Where all INITIAL instructions provided by a client on any assignment were accurately followed. This is after cautious examination.

In all assignments of multiple choice types or Problem solving; it should be clearly understood that once our experts submit the answers and a client use the same, this proves that you had automatically approved them. In this regard, if the correct answers score a half or less, a client will be entitled to a fraction of the initial payment. Our quality and billing department will be evaluating such circumstances exclusively.

It should be well noted that we do not guarantee grades; the grades from teachers are given after their evaluation a situation which cannot be controlled.

There is a 12-day free revision period from the date of the order deadline. Any claim after this period is null and void.

In the event that our system is having an open dispute which affects delivery of any order, the client will present the dispute and technical department will give a report on the appropriate action.

Your credit balance dispute cannot warrant a refund from us.

Cases, when refund is approved:

  • If we received payment for a single order twice, a full refund of one payment will be processed within three [3] business days.
  • There are instances where an order deadline is missed. In such circumstances, we shall scrutinize all avenues which led to this miss-up. If a client provided unclear or incorrect instructions of an assignment, no refunds will be considered.
    • Kindly take this advice that it is the prerogative of a customer to furnish us with all need instructions and materials to enable us give you a comprehensive service. Where the fault will be on our side, we shall recalculate a refund.
  • All cases or disputes shall be dealt with individually by the support team equitably to meet your expectations.
  • If a refund is based on plagiarism, a client shall provide enough evidence. In such cases, we shall require all links for the data sources.
  • A refund claim for revisions completed after the deadline will be scrutinized by the managers for consideration of a 20% refund where there were no faults from the customer.
  • Where a 100% refund is demanded, a client shall not have any rights on the completed assignment. Henceforth, we shall reserve the right of any publication of such assignments on our homepage.

Refund processing

  • Step 1- The claimant to contact our Support and Management crew with the refund claim.
  • Step 2- The refund claim is forwarded to the Claims and billing Unit. In this stage, the claim is scrutinized which would take a maximum of three [3] business days.
  • Step 3- The Support team will send a message and if there will be no response within 4 business days, the refund will be dismissed.