Cookie Policy

With the advancing technology, it is notable that websites engage some sort of web technology to gather user data. This is how it works.

Inside Cookies

Briefly, Cookie files are small text records which will be sent to a user computer from our website. Two types of cookie files exits: the persistent Cookies are those which will remain in your computer. These types will remain in your PC up to when you manually delete them. The other types are seasonal whereby; they delete themselves when a browser is closed.

Are Cookies of any Use?

Cookies are useful. It is important to note that these files are used for statistics and analysis. Many times when you keep on logging to a service, you frequently get logins details automated by the cookies, if they were not present, you would be required to type in the login details as frequent as you Login.

Bothered by Cookies?

It is not mandatory to use cookies. However, there exist a way in which cookies are managed by individual browsers in order to limit their use to all the sites visited by an individual.

To conveniently manage cookies, access your browser cookies settings on the Privacy Section, you will set the manner in which you interact with cookies.

Useful Cookies to our Website

Security: Used to protect and monitor malware and even all harmful actions, maintaining top security capacity.

Authentication: Used to maintain (remembering) Log in details. These files contain appropriate evidence used when accessing websites.

Marketing: We engage cookies to efficiently market our services. The recorded statistics are used to help us know how users interact with our website.

Preferences: All the data extracted from these types of cookies enable us to customize users’ experiences. This involves, interactive forms, preferred language among others where one is not to repeat the same processes all the time.

Research and Analysis: The services we provide will be appreciated if we keep on updating ourselves according to the data from Cookies Log files interacting with this website. These cookies will be useful to this site.

Questions on Cookies?

For further information in respect to our Cookie Policy, communicate to us through this address: